Tokyo is a gorgeous round bio fireplace with a horizontal half-circle across the lowest part of the fireplace. The depth of Tokyo increases at the bottom, creating an inclined edge, which is especially present when seen from the side. This bio fireplace can be built-in as a recess in a wall and can therefore be utilized in more than one way and do not require that much space. Moreover, it has never been easier to operate a fireplace as the burner can be controlled automatically via Decoflame App or a remote controller.

Produkt na zamówienie

Decoflame presents a bio fireplace called Tokyo and it is a luxurious bio fireplace with classic and minimalistic features -but with a round twist. Tokyo is designed as an automatic bio fireplace that can function as both a wall-mounted bio fireplace, and as a built-in bio fireplace. Tokyo is our first wall-mounted bio fireplace to utilize our popular Denver Basic 670 automatic bio burner.


  • e-Ribbon™ technology
  • Safety Sensors / Safety Chamber
  • Fuel Level Indicator / Flame Level Indicator
  • Remote control
  • Bluetooth / App
  • 6 flame levels (1-5 + ECO-Wave)
  • No chimney required – no smoke, ash or soot



Fuel Funnel / Sponge

All automatic fireplaces with e-Ribbon fire come together with integrated Bluetooth / Decoflame App, a remote control and a funnel.
Akcesoria palenisko automatyczne Decoflame


​Each custom-made Decoflame fireplace comes with a personalized technical drawing, installation instructions and a user manual. Installation is easy and does indeed only take minutes.

​We recommend installation of a fireplace only once all the decoration work and cleaning has been finalized.​

BRAND: Decoflame




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