Bio Fireplace automatic

With the introduction of advanced technology it became possible to control bio-fireplace by remote control or smart devices like smartphone or tablet using the intuitive operating display, providing clear settings and feedback messages. Bio Fireplace automatic can also be integrated into the Smart Home System. This innovative technology was originally developed for the hospitality industry as an alternative to the manual burner installed in manufactured as bio-fireplaces such as Montreal, Orlando, etc. – but it is also available for stand-alone models. These models can be installed practically everywhere eg. In the walls, in furniture or may be a separate element arranged anywhere where the surface is made of non-combustible material.


  • Multi-stage adjustable flame control by smartphone / tablet or integration with Smart Home System
  • LCD touch Display with information about the operating status, fuel level, and error codes
  • Safety sensors
  • Sensor system for fuel leakage
  • TV-temperature sensor for installation below the screen tv prevents crossing too high temperature large fuel tank
  • External fuel tank (optional)

Automatic biofireplaces is the ideal solution for applications in modern homes and apartments but also ideal for public places such as restaurants, hotels, spas and office buildings, where staff can remotely control the fire.

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